Petros Haffenrichter

with a greek mother and german father petros learned early to embrace life as the merge of polarities. life is always exciting, demanding, real and the state we are… so accepting all sides of this play as equally important and as a chance for growth and insight is one of the challenges we can master though the practice of hatha yoga, which petros teaches in an open-hearted, honest, funny and challenging way.

the practices of yoga are the key to an open mind and mindful openness toward life and it’s ways. through hatha yoga we are able to observe ourselves on a more subtle level. we learn to discriminate between conditioned behavior and freedom. we realize, that we are no victims if we choose not to be and that we hold the key to joy in our very hand. the practices of yoga will eventually but inevitably change our perspective which opens the gates for liberation in this life, not in some far away place or time. with the words of bhagavan das: it’s here now, are you?